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featured model search - faq

​Answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions

What experience as a model do I have to have to apply?

Charlies-Images is pleased to work with models with various levels of experience. If you have worked as a model, that's great, please remember to mention some of your previous assignments and provide links to some of your photos when your submit your inquiry on the REACH ME page.  ​  If you have little to no experience please don't let that prevent you from inquiring about a photo session.  Charlies-Images enjoys giving new models one of their first experiences in front of the camera and helping them progress as a model., so don't be shy to say that you have little to no experience.  Some models I have photographed have gone on to be published in magazines, hired for promotional events, and one was even a regular on a reality show!

What types of outfits to I have to wear?

One thing about a Charlies-Images photo session that is different from most others offering photo services is that you will be promoted as our Featured Model.  As a Featured Model we want to showcase you in a variety of outfits.  We will usually include in all sessions multiple fashion (dresses) and casual (jeans and shorts) outfits.  We may also do swimwear, lingerie, or more daring looks depending on the photo location.  

​When we agree on a photo session, we will discuss at that time the type of outfits for your session.  Once we have agreed on certain styles of outfits, you will be expected to be photographed in all of the styles that were discussed.  

Will I have to do nude or implied photos?

Nudity, or implied (I like to call it "artistically unclothed") photography has never been a requirement for a photo session with Charlies-Images.  

May I bring an escort to the Photo Session?

Female models may bring one female guest with them to the photo session to assist you with wardrobe, makeup, and as your support.  Males, minors and/or multiple guests are not permitted.

Do I have to do anything as a Featured Model?

We will both benefit if once you are on the website as a Featured Model that you promote yourself and get others to come to the website to view your images.  

Do you serve as an agent to get me additional work as a model?

I do not serve as an agent.  However I do have a network of photographers, businesses, and other contacts.  If you have participated in a positive manner in the photo session(s) and as the Featured Model I will promote you to the network for consideration for work.