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model qualifications

These are a few things required to be considered for a Charlies-Images Featured Model photo session.

  • Must be age eighteen (18) or older and be able to provide a valid and legal photo ID.
  • ​Must be legally able and willing to sign a Model Release Form on your own behalf.
  • ​Understand that unless other arrangements have been made that all photography will occur in or near the Raleigh, NC area. Model must be willing to absorb any costs for getting to the photo session location(s).  Charlies-Images may provide some compensation for food, fuel, or may provide lodging in some circumstances.
  • ​Must be willing to be interviewed to be considered for a photo session.  If you are in the Raleigh NC area an in person meeting in a public place is preferred.  For those outside the Raleigh NC area a phone interview is acceptable.
  • ​Agree that your compensation for a photo session is (a) promotion by as a Featured Model on the website and (b) a photo CD with selected edited photos from the photo session(s) and a copyright release that allows you to use the images on the photo CD as you desire.