Ready to go to the REACH ME page and inquire about being photographed by Charlies-Images?  

I hope so!  But before you do:

  • Please read again the Qualifications and FAQ pages.  
  • In your message via the REACH ME link please provide your name, age, location, level of model experience, and any links to photos of you.
  • This is an offer of a professional level photo session and promotion of a model.  Please make sure your message is written in a professional manner.  If your message is missing requested information or written in a less than professional manner you will not be considered for a photo session.
  • Please do not inquire for a Charlies-Images photo session if you are under age 18, cannot provide a valid and legal photo id, seeking paid only work, unwilling to follow the guidelines listed above, seeking to do only a specific type of photo category, or if you are overly tattooed or pierced..  If you would like to hire me as your photographer I am happy to consider doing photo sessions that would be for your use and not on the website.

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Seeking fresh faces to photograph and promote as a Featured Model at Charlies-Images.  Want to be considered?  Please read the information on the Qualifications and FAQ pages.

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